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Your phone with WonderCard App is your digitally connected business card.
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Simply The Best Digital Business Card App Out There.

• Exchanging business cards does not get contact information on to the address book.

• Business cards often get lost and manually entering or scanning info is error prone.

• Sending vCards is awkward and impersonal

• Either way contact info stales quickly as people move.


Simple, minimalist and focusing on what and how one's contact information is exchanged using two or more phone with the WonderCard App.


NO bumps or holding-close of the phones. With just a touch of a buttton on the phones, WonderCard App enables contact information exchange using two or more phones with the app.


Always gets 100% accurate infromation with existing interfaces on phones iOS or Android. Ongoing automatic updating of contact information of the connected persons, so that the contact information is never stale of one's phone.


Contact information exchanged securely through the app only after the confirmation by the users through cellular networks. All users' data is protected and not shared with anyone else.

How The App Works?

Install & Authenticate

Download the app from Apple App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android devices. Enter your phone number and authenticate only one once. You will not be asked to enter any password again unless you change your device.

Create a Business Card

Create a profile with the information that you typically have on our business card such as Full Name, your title, company name, address, telephone number and web address. When you save the profile, a virtual business card is created and shown on the main landing page in about 10 seconds.

Exchange Digitally

When you meet another person with the app, you can exchange your contact information by pressing exchange button within a 10 second window. The App also works when 3 or more phones - iOS or Android are involved.

Browse your Connections

On the Landing page, press ContactList button to be taken to the Contact List Page. On this page you can search and browse all the persons you have connected using WonderCard App. You will see their most updated business card with latest contact information.

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  • Single Profile
  • Unimited Exchange
  • On Going Update
  • limited Web App features
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