Get free electronic business card templates, unlimited exchange, ongoing updates, and limited web app features with WonderCard App. You don't need to pay any dollars for e business card as you invest in a physical business card that will probably get thrown away by the receiver. An E visiting card allows you to save money and trees.
            You can get effortless access to the E visiting card from both sides shared by other working professionals on your Smartphone as well anytime and anywhere. Every corporate user is digitizing themselves and effortlessly accessing the E visiting card. According to recent studies and analysis, stats indicate that 88% of paper visiting cards given out are chucked out in less than a week. These can only be controlled by improving the use of an electronic business card. You can protect your environment by using none other than an electronic business card. Another benefit of E Business Card is effortlessly updated. With the E Business Card, you can revamp your information frequently.

E Visiting Card

Electronic Business Card

An electronic business card has the convenience of being remarkably editable, indicating that they are constantly up-to-date with your latest contact information. Even if you switch your job, change your contact number, email ID, you can do that with a few keystrokes on your E business card. Get your E visiting card from WonderCard App.
                     Unlike the physical visiting card, E visiting card is not necessary to be published and developed again & again. And this is the reason the electronic business card is far more inexpensive than paper visiting cards. E business card permits you to connect your updated photos, videos, and social media channel links connected to your business.

Electronic Business Card
As we enter the third decade of the 21st century and in the age of smartphones, why are we still using traditional printed visiting cards? WonderCard App on iOS or Android phones provides a better way to share and exchange information with anyone when you meet them in-person or online in virtual meetings. Now, you can also share your contact information via a sharable link on social messaging apps such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messaging and other platforms.

Customize your E visiting card to match your brand
After you install WonderCard App on your Smartphone, you would be able to personalize your electronic business card which is more sustainable, interactive, and cost-effective than a traditional visiting card.

WonderCard goes beyond the essential contact information you see on other business cards. With E visiting card, you can add your social media handles, brand logo, email ID, contact number, and much more. You can also add a display photo to your profile so people remember who you are. It only takes a few seconds to update and generate a new E visiting card.

Why should you choose WonderCard App?
WonderCard App is the number one rated E business card app on the App Store and Google Play store that is used by individuals as well as enterprises — across the world. WonderCard App offers both free and premium plans for those looking to intensify their experience with an E business card. For a limited time, now you can enjoy premium features absolutely FREE if you download and install on your iOS or Android devices.

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