You’ll forever have your virtual business card in your hand as long as you have your Smartphone. Since everything is going virtual these days, you don’t need to worry about a physical card design, creation, printing, or leaving them at home. A virtual visiting card will always be with you anytime and anywhere.
            Well, there are bunches of explanations why must you consider using the virtual business card over paper business cards. Most paper is produced from wood that is a tree. The considerable disappointing thing about using a physical business card is that more than 88% of business cards are chucked out daily after they are shared or exchanged. Please stop using paper business cards and begin utilizing a virtual business card. Go Digital and grow your professional network more dashingly, effectively, and efficiently with the virtual visiting card. Moving forward, you may explore the website and look at some stats we have collected to provide some insight into the virtual visiting card.

Virtual Business Card

Virtual Visiting Card

A virtual business card is the most reliable way to drive your brand forward in this digital era. Your virtual visiting card will improve your professional networking interactions and illustrate that you are willing to modify to varying times.

Would you like to provide additional professional details to people you meet which is beyond what is on a small piece of business card? Concerned about wasting paper that will be thrown away later after a few days or a week or a month? Why not use WonderCard App and make your business card more engaging, productive, effective and environmentally friendly by exchanging and sharing your virtual business card straight from your smartphone.

Go Contactless - Share and exchange your virtual business card contact-free, safely and securely by using WonderCard App when you meet someone in-person or virtually in online meetings with a single tap. You and the person you just exchanged contact   can save each other’s contact information straight in to the address book/contacts app of your smartphone.

  • Customizable & Convenient - Personalize your virtual visiting card with the updated logo, photo, or other contact information such as phone number, email ID, business name, business website, social media handles, and so on and so forth. Your online visiting card can be updated anytime, and any number of times on your Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Save Time and Money - Get unlimited exchange, ongoing updates, web app features, instantaneous edits, and make huge annual savings on creation of your virtual visiting cards.
  • Preserve the Environment - Millions of trees are cut down every year to manufacture the world's physical business cards. Hence, to keep the environment safe and harmless  - go paperless with WonderCard.
  • Be Memorable among Professionals - Add a personalized photo to your virtual visiting card, so your new, and old professional contacts can associate that all-important pitch with your face.
WonderCard App provides you with an effective business card solution that results in a savings of 75% or more. Adopting WonderCard app would go a long way in preserving the environment and impressing your clients that you are ahead of the curve with your go-green credentials.

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